CTC IPTV is a new cable service only available to CTC customers!

Get all your Alaskan and favorite TV channels with CTC IPTV



  • Must live in eligible service area.


  • No minimum contract length 
  • Month-to-Month
  • No price changes


  • Basic Package includes 21 channels. 
  • Standard Package includes 50+ channels. 

Eligible Service Areas

  • Most subdivisions in Cordova are eligible.

Set Top Box Cost

  • Lease for only $4.99 per month!

Basic Package $24.99/mo

Alaska TV & select channels

Standard Package $49.99/mo

Alaska TV & 50+ channels

How It Works

  1. Have active internet service. 
  2. Connect Set Top Box to your modem (cable or wireless). 
  3. Connect Set Top Box to TV.

Note: CTC IPTV does not use any internet data. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we connect multiple TVs?
    Each TV requires a dedicated Set-Top-Box
  • What about movie and premium channels?
    CTC IPTV currently only offers the channels listed.
  • Can we order Pay Per View?
    Pay-Per-View is not currently available.
  • Can we record shows?
    CTC IPTV does not currently offer DVR (Digital Video Recording)
  • Is this better than other streaming services?
    CTC IPTV is a replacement for other ‘local’ cable options. The solution is not intended to compete with other online streaming services.