Fiber internetEverything is faster on fiber, and CTC has Cordova’s only fiber optic connection to the world! Sign up for CTC high-speed internet and enjoy the speed and unparalleled reliability of fiber optics!


Cordova Telecom Cooperative’s fiber cable provides:

  • Faster Speeds – Whether its work or pleasure, now you can surf the web on a connection that keeps up with the speed of your busy lifestyle. It’s really fast!
  • More Bandwidth – CTC’s Fiber Optic Cable has a capacity over 30 times larger than before. Upload and download with ease on a system with enough bandwidth to far exceed Cordova’s needs for generations to come.
  • Decreased Latency – call long-distance, video chat, watch movies and game in real time with no more delays.
  • Extreme Reliability – Unlike satellite, your Fiber connection will not be affected by sunspots. Unlike microwave signals, which must have a straight, line-of-sight path and can be completely obliterated by solid obstructions or even heavy rain, sleet, or snow; fiber connections will remain strong no matter the conditions.

And remember…

Every dollar you spend with CTC & CWC stays here in Cordova, the community you live in!

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