Mesh Wifi

  CTC has partnered with Plume so you can take charge of your home internet experience.

Get rid of dead spots, increase your security, and have more control over the devices in your home. Instead of your wifi coming from a single access point, Plume creates multiple access points that boost your wifi throughout the home.

Wifi extenders increase range but decrease quality, making it difficult to use your internet to its fullest. Plume wifi mesh technology extends your range while maintaining the quality you desire for all your wifi needs.

Plume HomePass

Quick & Simple

Home management setup doesn’t require a professional. Simply connect the Super Pod to your modem, connect to HomePass, and plug in the rest of your pods. You are ready to go in about five minutes. 

Control Access

Manage all devices connected to your network. Freeze the internet on school nights, bedtime, or pause whenever you decide it’s time for a break. Have kids or hosting guests? You have control over your network.

Threat Protection

Put your mind at ease knowing you have increased protection from threats. You’ll have a safer network with ad blocking, suspicious activity device quarantine, and protection from malware & spyware.


Discover which devices in your house are consuming the most bandwidth and affecting your internet speed. Use that information to create smarter usage and maximize overall performance.

Plume HomePass App

Manage your network from anywhere you are with the HomePass App. Do you want to know who is coming and going while you are at work or out of town? Plume’s motion detecting feature will show you the activity in your home. Plume will also detect and report unknown devices present in your network area.

With the Plume HomePass App, you have the ability to customize and control your home internet in ways like never before. 

Plume for Small Business