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CTC’s Wifi Cloud

Our Wifi network provides a robust, broadband-strength internet signal to you wherever you are. We have Wifi base stations all over town that connect and seamlessly hand-off to each other, much like cell phone towers do. So you can enjoy a strong, unfettered, uninterrupted Wifi signal on your laptop or mobile device throughout our Wifi Cloud coverage area. Here’s a list of some of our Wifi Cloud Access points in Cordova:

  • Downtown Cordova
  • AMHS Ferry Terminal
  • 13 Mile Airport
  • Mt. Eyak Ski Area
  • Old & New Harbor
  • Orca Adventure Lodge
  • CCMC Hospital

How to use CTC’s Public Wifi Cloud:

  1. On you wifi-capable device (laptop computer, smartphone or tablet), locate your Wifi Settings menu.
  2. Select any CTC/CWC network, and connect (it will appear unlocked).
  3. A login page will pop up on your device. If it doesn’t, open your browser and attempt to surf, and that should cause the login page to open.
  4. If you are an existing CTC internet customer or CWC data customer, you can select that option and login with your CTC/CWC credentials on the following page FREE OF CHARGE.

If you would like to purchase wifi, choose that selection and proceed to the Plan Options page. Once you have selected your Plan Option, simply enter your credit card and create your username and password.

If you have already purchased wifi access, you can log back in from this page as well.

That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy CTC’s fast, reliable Wifi Cloud network! If you have any questions or experience problems, please call our office at 424-2345 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).

Cordova Telephone Cooperative is the first internet provider in south-central Alaska to provide this emerging technology that offers Wifi Cloud access.

Would you like to try CTC’s Wifi Cloud? This service is available for FREE to all Cordova Telephone Cooperative DSL customers right now! All you need is a Wifi capable computer, tablet or smartphone. Call us at 424.2345 for more information on Wifi and to see if you are eligible for free access!

*Wifi Cloud access is available to anyone within CTC’s Wifi coverage area. Call for details.

Wifi access is also available for purchase to those that are not already CTC DSL subscribers. See the rate grid below for our daily, weekly and monthly rates:

Wifi Cloud Usage Rates:

With CTC DSL account Free