The “FISH in AK” (Fiber Internet Service Homes in Alaska) project will deliver Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) for all residents and businesses in Cordova, Alaska. This project will also add a submarine fiber line from Cordova to Seward with branches to Johnstone Point and the Village of Chenega.

“FISH in AK’ consists of the following key elements
• Fiber-To-The-Home for residents and businesses in Cordova
• Critical middle-mile connectivity for Cordova and Chenega

This project is funded by a USDA ReConnect R3 grant of $21.4 million dollars and $7.5 million dollars in matching funds from Cordova Telecom Cooperative.

This project will take several years and is estimated to be complete by the fall of 2027.

How much will this fiber upgrade cost me as a customers?

CTC customers will not have to spend any money for this upgrade. All equipment, labor, and material costs are covered by the grant and matching funds.

Will my internet service cost increase?

No. CTC intends to maintain current pricing models. We will also offer new packages.

Will my internet be faster?

Yes, CTC intends to offer speeds 10x current offerings, introducing 1GB and faster options in the future.

Will I need to sign a commitment agreement to use CTC services?

No, we only need permission to do the construction and wiring, customers do not need to commit to buying CTC services.

Will CTC be digging up my yard?

For most locations, CTC will need to trench in conduit for the new fiber. We will coordinate with property owners prior to construction.

Do you have to upgrade the lines in my house?

CTC would like to run fiber into your home or business to ensure the fastest speeds and best service possible.

How long will it take when working on my building connection?

We expect most location construction and wiring to take less than one working day.

Will CTC engage me before upgrading my home or business wiring?

Yes, all customers will be given a form for approval and construction input. Additionally, any inside wiring will be coordinated with customers.

Will we need a new modem?

Yes, CTC will be deploying new fiber modems.

What locations will get fiber in 2023?

The following areas are tentatively scheduled for fiber delivery in 2023 based on existing conduit and fiber: Alpine Estates, Elmers Point, Ferry Terminal area, Highland Subdivision, Main Street ocean side from Ilanka Cultural Center to Serendipity, Power Creek Road, South Harbor, Spruce Grove Trailer Court, Sunnyside Subdivision, Upper Railroad Road. (Last Updated 02/14/2023)

When will we get fiber to our home or business?

This is a multi-year project and we are working on deployment plans we can share with the community.

Why are we upgrading our copper lines to fiber?

Fiber optic cables are made of thin strands of glass that use light to transmit data which can transmit more data at much faster speeds than copper wires.

Fiber optic cables are capable of delivering gigabit speeds and are more reliable than traditional copper cables.

Fiber is less susceptible to interference and can transmit data over long distances without the need for signal boosting.

Fiber optic cables are also more durable and have a longer lifespan than traditional copper cables which means that they require less maintenance and can save companies money in the long run.

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